… the last chapter still has to be written

The Unfinished Story is a course that inspires and challenges every believer to be actively involved in fulfilling God’s plans for the world. It provides a fascinating overview of biblical, historical, strategic, and cultural aspects of God’s action and our role in it.

The course is over 4 lessons and is specifically designed to be used in a local church setting. It uses a variety of different learning methods and activities, including inspirational videos, prayer for unreached peoples with a global and local focus, reading of challenging articles, and interactive small group discussions.

Learn more at The Unfinished Story website.

God, the church and the world

The Kairos course is designed to train and mobilize individual Christians and local churches for contemporary evangelism and world mission in the 21st century.

It is an interactive course through which you will discover what God is doing in the world today to fulfill His global plan! It will change the way you see the world and get you excited about working for God’s purposes.

The KairosCourse is a nine-lesson course that offers insight into biblical foundations, the global expansion of Christianity, mission strategy, and cultural challenges to current 21st century trends.

More info on the KairosCourse website

Embracing God’s Call for this Generation

Youth Kairos helps young people discover how they can participate in fulfilling God’s plan for this world.

Within 3.5 days a good overview of biblical, historical, cultural and strategic aspects is given. At the same time, it reflects on how all these aspects relate to daily life.

Youth Kairos content is delivered through reading assignments, devotions, inspirational videos, small groups and other exciting activities, ideally within a youth group or as part of a discipleship program.

More info on the Youth Kairos website

Make the mundane meaningful

Every believer will benefit from the Empowered To Influence – course, especially in their workplace.

This course consists of 4 video teaching sessions by Ken Chua, a businessman from Singapore. Ken teaches seven paradigms that help every believer to be effective in their place for God as salt and light.

A step in the right direction

Crossing Cultures is a fascinating, eye-opening experience that provides practical tools to start conversations and build relationships with people from other cultures.

Crossing Cultures lasts an evening and a full day. The evening begins with a cultural meal and a time of sharing with a representative of a local ethnic group. The following day is an interactive training workshop with practical exercises and a group debriefing.